A million thank yous  Nicolette Camille and Sarah Ryhanen for an epic day of flower heaven at The Little Flower School, visiting London, incredible to watch and learn from you both, thank you x

Check out a video that’s come out since, by New York Times Style Magazine here

Susanne of The Blue Carrot and I headed to London on the train, taking in all the sights along the way, excited to say the least!

 The House Next Door, was the stunning venue…


We were greeted by the most incredible flower arrangements, off the scale!!




Ingredients, woo

IMG_8635 DSC01291

Hard to choose what to use, everything was so beautiful!


And so lovely to meet you again Yolanda!  Thanks for documenting the day, can’t wait to see your photos, here’s my one of you!


Lessons from floral megastars Nicolette and Sarah, with the lovely Thomas Broom of Petersham Nurseries looking on.

IMG_8647 Nicolette-C

Thank you for the amazing food Violet Cakes


Took me a while to get started, here’s my making in the end…practice required!

IMG_8686 DSC01297


A collection of everyones’ beautiful arrangements.  And big thank you Becca for organising the dinner afterwards! xox

And thank you and hello to everyone, I know I’ll have missed someone out and I’m sorry, but big hello and sending love out to new friends!  Thank you xxx

Check out the wonder, beauty and magic below, have fun!  And thank you Lucinda, best sister ever, for having me to stay, so good to see you xoxx

Glorious Twelve, Bare Blooms, The Garden Gate Flower Company, Ally Lister Flowers, Pyrus Flowers, Jo Flowers, I Heart Flowers, Ruby & The Wolf, Flowerona, Thomas Broom, The Blue Carrot, Lamuseadelasflores, Blue Poppy Florist and although I’ve yet to meet these two, I love their work and feel they were part of The Little Flower School‘s UK trip; Miss Pickering and Flora Starkey.

Thank you everyone, big time! xox


Home in Cornwall, taking blurry photos and practicing with foraged treasures and epic cherry blossom from The Blue Carrot, thank you Susanne xxx

And having floral business lunches at The Watch House in St Mawes with Susanne, The Blue Carrot and Charlotte of Rock ‘n Rosie, thanks lovelies, could get used to it!  x



And, in the writing of this…boiled the milk over (nearly), lots on worktop, to Ben’s amusement and confirmation of ‘you always burn the milk!’  Shot out to the shop for a Da Bara croissant, then got half way through Ben’s Hotel Chocolat Egg and Chips, an Easter present from my lovely sister Lucinda x …now feeling sick, concerned about the sugar after reading this, but now also listening Neil Young, (preceded by this) thanks Miss P, and contemplating a run..getting pleading looks from the whippet!  Happy Saturday! x